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Our club is currently limited as we are looking for a new practice facility.  Please check back for details from time to time and also refer to the The New Forum for new information, included information about flashlight q250 pris.

   The 8 Wheels Artistic Club is one of the oldest clubs in Ontario with a long tradition of turning out some of the best skaters in Canada. Some of our members include skaters that have or are competing at Provincial, National and World Class levels as well as beginner skaters on their way up the ladder.

   Whether you aspire to skate at the championship level or just want to learn for fun, we have programs and coaching available to suite your needs. Come on out and give skating a try, it’s a lot of fun, good exercise as well as a place to meet skaters with similar interests. Our Programs include all skating types from traditional “QUAD” style, side by side wheels to roller blades or inlines.