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Don’t drink to it

New research questions earlier studies about the positive effect of moderate alcohol consumption to heart health.

A study published in the British Medical Journal says that lowering alcohol consumption – even for people with low or moderate consumptio…

Football policing

DHEKELIA – The Cyprus Football Association and the Sovereign Base Area Police have agreed to rebalance policing responsibility at football matches following a proposal for Ethnicos Achnas FC to share its stadium with Ermis Aradippou FC this season.

Animal cruelty

LIMASSOL – Animal Party Cyprus (APC) has asked anyone with information on the cruel killing of a dog found hanged in the village of Kyperounta in Limassol to come forward.
The party noted the Chief of Police and Veterinary Services had been notified of the recent incident and APC expected a serious investigation to be carried out to find those responsible for the cruel act.
According to a party announcement accompanied by graphic photos, the dog was found dead on Monday. There are indications it had been killed and left hanging there for several months.
“Unfortunately our society is sick,” APC said, adding: “The recent instances of the barbaric treatment of defenceless animals are impossible to make sense of.”
“Anyone who has information can remain anonymous if they wish,” the party said.
Due to the disturbing nature of the photos, The Cyprus Weekly has chosen not to reproduce them here.

Prison guards arrested

NICOSIA- Three Nicosia prison guards have been arrested for alleged neglect of duties, disregard of legal orders, falsifying documents, and giving the police false information in connection to the apparent suicide of an inmate.
Andreas Spyrou, 26, was found dead in his cell early on Monday morning. While prison guards originally reported he had been alive during their last check an hour earlier, it was later determined he had been dead for at least six hours.
They were arrested late on Monday after medical examiner Nicos Charalambous’ findings indicated the guards had not followed procedure and failed to check on the inmates for the entire night.
Spyrou had been serving a life sentence for the 2011 murder of 23-year-old Stavros Georgiou. Other inmates who alerted the prison guards found Spyrou hanged in his cell soon after 7am on Monday. He had previously not been diagnosed with any psychological problems.
A spate of suicides at the central prisons sparked riots in January and there were calls for reform.

Israel accepts Egypt’s infinite ceasefire proposal for Gaza

..The ceasefire agreement provides for a month-long ceasefire; the opening of all crossings on the border with Gaza, including Rafah, on the border with Egypt; the expansion of a fishing area for Palestinian fishermen and the dispatch of construction m…

SBA discuss stadium safety and security with Cyprus Football Association

..Although there is no legal requirement for a police presence inside the stadium; subject to prior agreement and at the discretion of the SBA Police, there may be an appropriate SBA Police presence…The Cyprus Football Association and the Sovereign B…

Sickening animal abuse as dog hanged from tree in horrific case of cruelty

..Anyone with information is requested, in confidence, to contact the animal party – or telephone 99416852 …ANOTHER SHOCKING ACT of animal cruelty has been exposed after …

Ebola virus infection cases in Russia not confirmed – consumer watchdog

..She added that transit passengers from Africa are also under close monitoring. “After they check in for a flight at the point of transfer we have several hours to meet them,” the Rospotrebnadzor head said…Two Ebola virus infection cases, suspected …

Bank of Cyprus to announce first half results on August 27

..On the same day, the Financial Results will be announced to the Cyprus Stock Exchange, the Athens Exchange and the press…The Bank of Cyprus announced on Monday that its financial …

Flight delays over Cyprus’ airspace in 2014 at 2013 levels, Ministry projects

..Delays peaked last April, with 5,20 min per flight according to data provided by the Ministry. In the following months the trend is downward, reaching 2,22 min in July…Delays in flights through Nicosia’s FIR are expected to remain …